Today’s wedding photography

The wedding album of today is a story of change.  Couples planning their marriage ceremony find an overload of styles and ideas to choose from.  Often the 1000’s of wedding images afterward end up on the home computer with no album being made at all.   It’s a fun challenge for our studio to help the newlyweds navigate through all the photography style choices and organize the overwhelming selection of images.
A great wedding photographer matches the customer with the right look for them.  Here are four basic styles of the photographic wedding story.  The “candid story” is a more appealing option for today’s couples.  It gives a fun more realistic look to the wedding album.  There is a high level of skill needed to capture the right moment and specialized equipment with low light capability is a must.  The “artistic story” captures an art gallery type image.  Emphasis is on composition, color, and lighting.  Pictures can be cropped close, off center, and at odd angles.  Then, there is “the natural environmental look”.  This is best suited where most of the day is spent in a rustic setting.  The arrangements are casual, blending into the wedding location.   Finally there’s “the traditional look”.  It’s kind of a throwback to the traditional style poses, looking at the camera. 
Each style offers great elements.  Candid and natural have fun and emotion, art has impact and detail, and traditional has perfect expression and posing.  A great wedding photographer will give a variety of styles to the story of your wedding.  The artistic style is up to the couple to choose and we do our best to determine their preference by giving a finished product that shows off their style and personality.
Once the proofs are delivered the real fun begins.  Everyone loves when the pictures are up online 2 weeks after the wedding for all to see.  Shortly afterward, the proof book of all your wedding images is ready.   If you think seeing all of the images are overwhelming, you are right.  A typical 8 hour wedding has around 1200 images to choose from!
All of our wedding packages come with a DVD of high resolution digital images and copyright release.  Having a just a proof book or files on a computer doesn't’t best represent the beauty of the day.   I think that a good wedding story is told through a quality album that can be opened and enjoyed for decades. We recommend the time and investment in a finished album to complete the photographic journey.


 Congratulations on your engagement!    
Ted Foschi   

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