It's not Too Late To Have Senior Portraits Done

Your senior portrait is an ideal representation of the big milestone ahead of you. Since graduating high school is the official ending and new beginning to your college journey, you'll want to capture it in a beautiful photograph.


There is no "perfect" time of year to have a senior portrait taken. In fact, now is a great time as school has only just begun. With the cooler temperatures and changing leaves, the fall season is absolutely stunning for outdoor senior pictures.


One factor to consider when scheduling your photography session is timeline. It can take time for your portraits to be ready for pictures. Plus, you will want to take into account the amount of time you need to choose the best shot for the school yearbook.


Since school is in session, scheduling a daytime shoot can be difficult. While I might be available during the day, you won't be. We suggest booking on weekends for senior portraits, which will make picking a date much easier.


If you play a sport or are involved in extracurricular activities and want to include it in your photos, this is the best time for a photo shoot. Now is the time when students are given equipment and it's in the best condition.


If you haven't gotten your senior portraits taken yet, don't panic. September and the months to come are just fine for scheduling a shoot.


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