Top 5 Unique Senior Photos Ideas

Your senior photos are incredibly special. This is the photo represent you for as long as your school's yearbook is around. Of course, you want your photo to showcase your personality in a unique and interesting way.


With many options to choose from, we've narrowed it down to five unique senior photo ideas.


  1. Sports Photo – The senior photo with you in your uniform or with your favorite ball or bat are pretty popular. Almost everyone who plays a sport in high school gets their favorite sport-themed senior photos. However, make this unique by putting your own spin on it. Maybe you want an action shot of you getting ready to save a soccer ball flying toward the net, or sliding into home. Make it about your favorite memories, and you'll get an interesting photo you'll always love.
  2. Water Theme – Have your photos taken next to your favorite pond, lake, river, or any other body of water that means something to you. Whether you're sitting on the dock, in a boat, doing some fishing, or splashing in the water (if you're brave!) having a water-themed photo will definitely make you stand out in your class.
  3. In a Majestic Field – Okay, even if you cannot find a majestic field, a good photographer can make any field look beautiful. Find one with tall grass and beautiful trees in the background to bring out your nature-loving side. This works great for spring, summer, fall, and winter photos and allows for many different poses.
  4. In the Forest – Going along with the nature theme, find a gorgeous forest to take some photos. The lighting will be interesting enough and the tall trees will make for a great setting. Perhaps you even have a forest area that is special to you - the wooded area in your backyard as a child or at a nearby park, for example.
  5. Bring in Your Heritage – This one goes straight to your roots. If your heritage means a lot to you, maybe you should consider honoring your ancestors in an interesting way. Find some authentic clothing from your heritage and wear it for your senior photos.


Whatever you choose, make it about you. Then you will look back on that photo in 20, 30, 50 years and still be proud of it!



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